Financial Planning is about:

Capital Preservation

Wealth Accumulation & Management

Risk Management

Estate & Tax Planning

The Financial planner applies expertise and commitment to assist the client in achieving life’s goals through proper management of finances.


What I do with my clients:


1- Identify your needs and objectives

2- Gather information

3- Prepare analysis

4- Develop a plan with goals

5- Implement your plan

6- Monitor your progress


Financial planning is a process with strategies put in place to achieve set goals but the process is flexible to adapt to changing circumstances and goals.


What I offer my clients:


1- Insurance options

2- Estate Planning

3- Income & Cash Flow Planning

4- Tax Planning

5- Multi-Generational Planning

6- Major Purchase Advice

7- Philanthropic Giving

Do any of these situations apply to you?

  1. Your family or business would suffer severe financial consequences should you die.
  2. Your Estate would experience a significant tax liability if you died today.
  3. You are shareholders of a private company.
  4. You own a business and are contemplating retirement and looking to transition the business to your children.
  5. You are shareholders of a holding company and looking for ways of extracting holding company assets in a tax-efficient manner.
  6. You have investment assets that you likely won’t need during their lifetime but don’t want to gift while living.
  7. You have a portion of your investment portfolio in fixed income assets. You would like to increase your after-tax rate of return without risk.
  8. You have investment assets that are generating taxable income and don’t need the income from these assets.
  9. You have maximized your pension, RRSP, and TFSA contributions and still have excess income or capital that you would like to invest in a tax-efficient investment.
  10. You have assets that you want to continue to own and control today, which you wish to transfer tax-efficiently to your family when you die.


The Strategic Process:

  • Investment Management Strategy – Develop a personal investment policy statement that identifies your target asset allocation and investment objectives and the steps needed to implement the strategy.
  • Retirement Planning Strategy – Identify changes you need to make in your current behaviour that will allow you to achieve his/her personal retirement goals and objectives.
  • Education Planning Strategy – Identify what you need to do to achieve your children’s educational funding objectives.
  • Needs in the Event of Death Strategy – Review your current situation in the event of death and develop a strategy that will ensure that your family is able to retain the lifestyle they are accustomed to.
  • Needs in the Event of Disability or Critical Illness Strategy – Review your current situation in the event of disability and develop a strategy to ensure that your goals and objectives are achieved.
  • Estate Planning Strategy – Perform a review of the estate situation to ensure that your wishes are carried out in the event of death. Also ensure that final estate costs and taxes are minimized.

If you would like to work with me on a preliminary Financial & Retirement Plan for you, go to the contact  page and see the link to complete a questionnaire to assist in starting this process.